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Vishay SFH6319T (SOIC-8 Package)


Automatically Build the Part using Computer Vision

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SOIC-8 Package

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Step 1/2: Highlight pin table from the datasheet See how
  1. For datasheet below, use the Prev Page and Next Page buttons to navigate to the page that contains the pin description table (showing the pin number and name)
  2. Move your mouse over the pin table and click and drag to highlight the table. (Make sure to include the pin number and pin name columns as well as the outlines of the table. You don't have to include the column titles)
  3. highlight the pin table
  4. Click on Extract Pin Map From Table and in a moment, you'll see the parsed data on the right.
Page: /

Extract Pin Map From Table

Step 2/2: Finalize pin table and generate part See how
  1. The pin data you highlighted will automatically appear in this table. Verify that the information is correct and modify table if necessary
  2. Click to edit a cell, press 'Enter' when done editing. Delete unwanted rows by clicking on the 'X' to the left. You can add a row by clicking on the '+'. Ensure you have 1 pin assignment per row.
  3. The leftmost column contains a dropdown menu in each cell. Click on the cell to specify the pin type of the pin in that row. This pin type is used to position the pin on the symbol (inputs on the left, outputs on the right, etc.). If the pin type is left unspecified, the pin will be automatically assigned a type based on the pin name during symbol generation.
  4. highlight the pin table
  5. Click on Generate Part and in a moment, you'll be re-directed back to the part page to download your part.

Part Name

Note: Please review and edit the values after extracting the pins from the pin mapping table.